Joel Blom


Joel is a financial executive with over 30 years experience. Since 2000 he has been executive and founder of entrepreneurial financial companies. He was a founder and COO of thinkorswim Group, Inc., online brokerage, money manager, and software developer, which is now owned by TD Ameritrade. He also served as its senior principal as it grew from startup to over $3 billion of customer assets. Most recently, he has worked on founding a bank in Malta, an online capital markets portal, and was a founding investor and board member of Plan B Funding in the UK, which consults to banks on liability strategy. Prior to thinkorswim, he worked as an executive in National Australia Bank’s US operation for over a decade managing e-commerce, commercial operations, and treasury management. While working for National Australia he served as a board member for NYCE Corporation and Mondex USA. Earlier in his career he worked for IBM and as a strategy consultant. Joel holds both a BA and MBA (with distinction) from the University of Michigan.