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IT Capital L.L.C., a Merchant Bank, was formed to invest specifically in mature middle market software and technology companies.

The principals are investing in proven technology companies with high recurring revenue. The principals and partners believe that the current market environment provides an opportunity to achieve a unique risk-adjusted return that is unprecedented in the capital markets.

The partners and principals of IT Capital have hundreds of combined years of experience in finance and the software/technology sector. With this expertise, the principals have developed a suite of financial and operating methodologies to achieve ongoing financial success with acquired companies. These methodologies have been implemented in numerous acquisitions and have a track record of proven success.

Two primary caveats drive the operations of the acquired companies:
1. Focus on operational efficiency that consistently leads to strong free cash flows;
2. Customer intimacy leading to high customer retention and recurring revenue streams regardless of the economic cycle, achieved through investments in product development that add value to existing customers.  

The IT Capital principals partnered to form IT Capital L.L.C after numerous successful transactions. These transactions were concluded over the last 20 years independently and with large private equity entities. IT Capital has access to the majority of the acquisition companies in the middle market software and technology space via existing portfolio executives, professional contacts, and other various financial service providers.   

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