Our strong collective expertise in identifying and exploiting opportunities to profit in the software technology sector is the result of decades of industry experience, extensive global contacts, and quantitative and qualitative skills that ensure top-notch analysis. In addition, unsurpassed understanding of today's dynamic business climate and the historical trends and issues that impact our future provide sharp focus in support of our unending quest for opportunity.   

As highly skilled, seasoned software technology investment professionals, we know how to identify and price hard-to-find opportunities that often are innovative and under the radar screen. Our disciplined approach involves proprietary selection criteria, consistent methodology, and a constant eye towards the end results. At all times, we are mindful of timely and relevant industry dynamics and their potential effect on our business. 

Because we have hundreds of combined years of finance and software technology industry experience, our relationships and first-hand knowledge ensure access to strategic global insights that benefit our investors. Our team delivers a quality of advice, analysis and advocacy rarely found in our industry. 

Indeed, navigating the complexities of a software technology transaction requires deep, specialized experience. We believe our ability to think strategically about every transaction based on first-hand knowledge of various business models and financial structures is unique.  

Because we live and breathe software technology - and the profits it can produce - our investor and partners benefit. We remain inspired to keep our mission alive.

Comparison of attributes of IT Capital to typical Venture Capital and Private Equity

Comparison of attributes of IT Capital to typical Venture Capital and Private Equity