Bob Lavery


Bob Lavery is a Managing Director and the CEO of itCONSULTmp. Over a 30 year career as a management consultant, he has built sales force effectiveness and positive organizational change for more than 300 organizations globally and trained over 30,000 professionals. Lavery & Associates, Ltd has delivered best practice strategy implementations, performance management systems and customized training for such diverse global leaders as ADP, American Express, Apple, AT&T, AXA Advisors, Fidelity Investments, HSBC, MasterCard Worldwide, and Reebok International. Each client relationship was characterized by measurable returns on investment and enduring strategic success. His work has been recognized in such leading publications as The Wall Street Journal, Boardroom Reports, Meeting News, and Sales and Marketing Management Magazine. Prior to founding the firm in 1983, Bob Lavery spent ten years with Xerox Learning Systems, a division of Xerox Corporation and a leading human resources consulting company. He was their perennial top producer as a major account sales person and manager, and was named Xerox Learning’s “Man of the Year” a record five times. Before Xerox Bob was a Fulbright Scholar and awarded a Harvard University Graduate Prize Fellowship.